Alex Rider:Stormbreaker

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Author:Anthony Horowitz
Genre:Action Adventure
Only after his uncle, Ian Rider, Dies mysteriously in a car crash, does Alex begin to wonder the identity of the man who had looked after him since he was orphaned as a baby. Alex's preliminary investigations, which scared the life out of me, soon, draw the attention of his uncle's former employers - none other than MI6. They've have a mission for Alex. M16 is a spy organization of England, throughout his life his uncle has trained him to be a spy his whole now is the chance to test the skills he’s acknowledged. Project STORMBREAKER IS WHAT HE HAS TO FACE. tHIS IS A CROSSWORD PUZZLE THAT I CHOSE TO MAKE. I ENJOY CROSSWORD PUZZLES AND THEY ARE FUN TO MAKE.CROSSWORD PUZZLES ARE CHALLENGING TO.THEY ARE FUN TO FIGURE OUT TO.
Created by Anonymous
Difficulty: Hard (0 solves / 2588 plays)
This crossword has never been solved.

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